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A new style of Christmas party

Traditionally an opportunity for employees to unwind, socialise, and build stronger relationships with their coworkers outside of the normal work environment, the office Christmas party is a highly anticipated event that brings colleagues together to celebrate the festive season.  The purpose of the office Christmas party goes beyond having fun. […]

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Health and Wellbeing Retail & E Commerce

Wellness events

Why brand collaborations, blended in person experiences are key to the retail market right now! Working with clients in the retail, e commerce and health and well being sector means it’s hugely important to have key insights into trends within their sector.  With that in mind we attended a breakfast […]

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Evolving event technology

Evolving Tech

In the fast-paced world of event management, staying up-to-date with evolving technology is crucial. Technology has revolutionised the events industry, enhancing the overall experience for both organisers and attendees. From event registration and seamless check-ins to immersive AI experiences and a huge rise in virtual and hybrid events, technology plays […]

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The changing landscape of events

Landscape of events

Events of the past were undeniably simpler. Perhaps the events could still be considered cool, but with limited (if any) technology as we know it today, more basic food options, and even less creative event props, they were definitely simpler times for both event organisers and attendees. And this was […]

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The magic of food and beverage brand collaborations

When we start to think about brand collaborations, for many of us the following will easily come to mind… Red Bull – F1 Primark – Greggs Walkers – Marmite Adidas – Gucci Asda – Elf As successful brand collaborations, the above examples have left a long lasting impression. These partnerships […]

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Creating neuro-inclusive events

It is always a good time to consider how to make events more inclusive. It is our job, our responsibility, to make events as accessible to all people as possible. Maximum accessibility enables all attendees to feel included, avoiding any feelings of isolation and enriching the diversity of the event […]

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Why podcasts could be your biggest internal marketing tool

A quick look at any online job board will show you roles such as ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, ‘Wellbeing Officer’, and ‘Head of Employee Experience’. Many companies now recognise how hard it is to keep their employees motivated, engaged and happy in the workplace, and as such are taking measures, such […]

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Is this sustainable?

Inspired by recent Anything Is Possible Podcasts, where Holly, our CEO, chatted at length to BOL Foods founder, Paul Brown, and to Amanda Thompson, founder of Noughty Wines, we wanted to continue to explore the shared theme of sustainability. As our world becomes more conscious of the impact of human […]

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The rise of non-alcoholic events

While we all know that an overindulgence of alcohol is bad for our wellbeing, there has been a longstanding expectation, a social norm so-to-say, that company events, after–work drinks, conferences, and the like, involve alcohol.  Pregnant?  Teetotal?  Sorry…these are booze-fuelled times, an exclusive club for the drinkers within the team.  […]

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