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Making it happen.


Our concern at Make Events is about making sure we are accountable to what we say and to measuring, evaluating and then improving what we do.  So when it comes to sustainability, we don’t just say the right things, we make it happen.


We work to encourage others to prioritise sustainability and we are doing what we can to make a positive difference for our future.  Sustainability is an issue we must tackle together for “better business and a better planet”.


We are your trusted sustainable events company and we will do right by our planet for all of us.  


How we make it happen.

  • Through important memberships.

We are proud to be active members of impactful event industry groups such as Isla.  Our participation in Isla ensures we are working with our wider-industry colleagues to collectively drive meaningful change through ongoing learning, sharing of best practice and regular reporting.

As active members of Zellar we strategise, plan, take action and measure our journey to becoming Net Zero in the business we run and the events we produce. 

  • By keeping ourselves accountable.


We constantly monitor consumption and output to ensure we are being as efficient as possible, and we hold ourselves to account by embedding sustainability into all that we do.   We all work to drive the sustainability conversation forward in our business, discussing and evaluating our sustainable practices, and regularly implementing new initiatives.  We encourage each other at Make Events to do better and we hold each of us to account. 


Our sustainability actions.


  • Monitor water and energy usage across our office site.  We strictly record data to highlight anomalies and act quickly if needed.


  • Fit for purpose waste disposal bins, which allow for recycling of the majority of waste from dry-mixed recycling of plastics, cans, cardboard and paper; to ink cartridges, electrical equipment and batteries.


  • Deliver sustainability training to the Make Events team.  We make sure nobody is left behind and that we are moving forward as one on this important issue.  


  • Continuous professional development about sustainability. We maximise opportunities to attend roundtables and engage with our sector on the things that matter.


  • Source environmentally responsible venues.


  • Create eco-friendly prop and engagement boxes.


  • Office lunches have minimal food waste and zero single-use plastics.


  • Repurpose, reuse, repair and recycle post-event.  We think about the small things so you don’t have to; such as collecting name badges at the end of an event to be reused next time, creating generic non-personalised signs for regular reuse, sweeping up any leftover plastic bags, planning minimal food waste, clearly identifying recycling bins and opting for reusables wherever possible. 


  • Partnerships with local charities to reduce waste.  Events produce waste that can be useful and purposeful again and again.  There is value in most things and we do everything we can before labelling something as ‘waste’.


  • Carbon offsetting.  Some events can come with a significant C02 emissions footprint.  To make your event carbon-neutral we look at travel, accommodation, venue, and food.  We identify emissions that simply cannot be avoided and work with you to offset the remaining emissions, contributing to projects such as reforestation or renewable energy developments. 


  • Monitor the amount of office printing, discouraging print wherever possible.


  • Form strong partnerships with local suppliers, reducing the environmentally negative impact of travel and distribution of goods and services.


  • Use sustainable palm-oil only products in our office and at our events.  We use the RSPO label to identify if a product is certified.  


  • Use the ‘Good Fish Guide’ with our event partners, highlighting the frightening impact of using unsustainable seafood on our oceans.


  • No single-use plastics are used at your events.  While this hasn’t always been possible, from October 2023 single-use plastic will be banned in England.  We are working hard to eradicate these items well in advance of this deadline.  We have used Vegware products with great success.  With over 500 plant-based products made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled or renewed materials, which can be custom printed, composted or recycled with food waste, we are confident we can deliver.


  • Work to eradicate the impact of harmful chemicals in dyes and inks that come from print, which have huge negative implications on our planet.  



  • Up-to-date energy-performance ratings of the kit we use.  We source low energy kit where possible and we want to provide sustainable energy to power our events.


  • Encourage the venues we work with to install LED lighting.


  • Look after the gorgeous bird feeders outside our office, which encourage native wildlife.

At Make Events we do what we can when we can to make sustainability at the heart of your event.  We ask important questions and encourage you to ask questions of us.  We have a responsibility to protect our planet and are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. The responsibility falls on all of us, and we remember that in everything we do.