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Wellness in events

The key role of events in your employee wellness plan

You’ve probably been there, caught in the crossfire of demanding workloads and personal commitments, trying to juggle the challenges of modern-day life. Another target, another deadline, another meeting, another email. As it all starts to take its toll on our mental and physical health, it’s no wonder we find our wellbeing begins to decline. Before we know it, our morale has nose-dived, and our performance has followed suit. And if it hasn’t directly happened to us, it’s guaranteed to have happened to someone we know.

But why does employee wellbeing matter at work? When it comes to successful organisations, it’s no longer just about achieving targets and being super-efficient, there’s the less tangible but equally crucial factor – employee wellbeing. A team that feels good, is a team that thrives at handling challenges, thinking up exciting new ideas, and wants to stick around! 

OK, I’m in! But how do we create a happy workforce who feel able to work at their best? As organisations recognise the important role they play in cultivating this culture of wellbeing, there has been a change in mindset to a more holistic wellbeing approach. Events have become key players in driving wellbeing in the workplace, transforming those written policies and promises about keeping staff happy, and actually making them happen. 

Workplace wellbeing that goes beyond the desk

So how can you champion workplace wellbeing so that it extends beyond the confines and routine of the office desk? With wellbeing events and activities of course! They really are the key ingredient to any ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy’. And the good news? Team-building events have vastly evolved since the days of trust falls and rope courses, with a vast range of experiences that can be tailored to meet the needs of your employees and create impact. Social events, team outings, and group challenges are just some examples that can create an atmosphere that encourages employees to connect on a personal level and build that feeling of camaraderie. Events serve as more than just a break from the 9-5 routine, they are springboards for inspiration, connection, and rejuvenation.

Prioritising wellbeing in team time

But what about wellbeing activities during team meetings? Can they impact wellbeing in the workplace as well? In short, the answer is yes! Incorporating wellbeing activities into team meetings can be a great way to improve your employees’ wellbeing. With the right activities you can encourage employees to get to know each other as people rather than colleagues, get teams working together collaboratively and boost morale, or even just avoid that post-lunch energy slump by injecting some fun into the meeting, leaving your team feeling energised and inspired!

Mind Matters: Navigating workplace mental health

Mental health at work is a hot topic, and quite rightfully so; our work environment plays a HUGE part in our mental wellbeing. But it can also feel like a bit of a minefield, where we must tread carefully around some sensitive matters. 

So how can events support mental health in the workplace?

Picture this: wellness workshops that delve into stress management techniques or mindfulness practices. These events not only equip your team with useful tools for handling workplace stress, but also create a culture that destigmatises conversations around mental health. 

Have you considered how a mental health event or activity could help to tackle employee wellbeing in your workplace? 

Celebrating victories!

How does your organisation give credit where it’s due? Do you celebrate those individual and collective achievements? Do you foster a culture of recognition and appreciation? And how do you do it in a way that is meaningful to your team? 

Not only can events help to lift team spirits, but they can set the vibe for a workplace where wins are noticed and celebrated, both key drivers in increasing wellbeing. 

Events as communication catalysts

And events don’t just have to be based around fun (although that’s still a great part, right!?). Events provide the perfect platform for creating opportunities for open and authentic conversations between employees, giving people the opportunity to voice concerns, feel heard and collaborate with others. How many colleagues have you known for years on a professional level, but the most personal thing you know about them is how they take their coffee? And for those employees that work remotely and miss out on those water cooler conversations, how are you encouraging connection? And not just superficial connection, connection that makes someone feel like they belong?

Communication is the lifeline of a thriving workplace, and events can inject that bit of sparkle to those key messages, allowing challenges to be tackled in an innovative and inspiring way.

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