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Building a Fintech Empire: Tips for Tech Entrepreneurs on Community-Centric Success

Lessons from Financielle’s Journey – From Instagram to Thriving Fintech Business

As part of Make Events’ mission to find the most motivational speakers for our clients events, Holly sat down with Holly Holland and Laura Pomfret founders of Financielle, an app that helps you take control of your finances. Holly and Laura embarked on a journey that began on Instagram and evolved into a thriving fintech startup. Their story not only serves as an inspiration but also offers valuable insights into creating a successful business while nurturing a vibrant community. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into their journey and extract tips for entrepreneurs and business owners in the tech and fintech world on how to succeed when building a new business and community.

Embrace Authenticity and Transparency

Holly and Laura’s journey started with a simple yet profound insight: financial management should be simplified, not complicated. They recognised the common struggles people face when managing their finances, and instead of shying away from these challenges, they addressed them openly. This authenticity and transparency fostered trust and engagement within their community.

Tip 1: Be genuine and transparent in your interactions with your audience. Address problems openly and provide practical solutions. Authenticity builds trust.

The Power of Community

From their Instagram beginnings, Holly and Laura understood the importance of building a community that shares a common vision. Their community quickly grew because people resonated with their mission. They encouraged open discussions, questions, and the sharing of experiences related to financial management.

Tip 2: Building a community around a shared goal can be a potent catalyst for success. Encourage dialogue, provide a safe space for discussions, and ensure your community members feel heard.

Transitioning to an App

The transition from a thriving Instagram community to a dedicated app was a strategic move. The Financielle app was designed to simplify budgeting and empower users with practical tools. By offering a platform that allows the community to take action, Holly and Laura ensured that their technology aligned with their community’s needs.

Tip 3: When developing technology, make sure it addresses real needs and seamlessly integrates with your community’s goals and objectives.

The No-Code Approach

One of the hurdles Holly and Laura faced was their lack of technical backgrounds. To overcome this challenge, they turned to no-code solutions to build their app. This not only simplified the development process but also made it more cost-effective.

Tip 4: Don’t let technical limitations deter you. Explore no-code solutions and work with experts to bring your tech vision to life without extensive coding knowledge.

The Role of Sponsorship

Sponsorships played a role in sustaining their early efforts, but Holly and Laura realised that a sustainable business model required a product that could generate revenue independently.

Tip 5: Seek revenue models beyond sponsorships. Develop products or services that provide value and can stand on their own.

The Transition to a Full-Fledged Business

Introducing a budgeting playbook marked a significant shift toward generating direct revenue. The community’s willingness to invest in their product demonstrated a real demand for their approach to budgeting and money management.

Tip 6: As you evolve your business, listen to your community’s feedback and create products or services that directly cater to their needs and aspirations.

The Road Ahead: A Financial Community and App

Looking forward, Holly and Laura aren’t just focused on the app; they aim to create a space where like-minded individuals can connect, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Tip 7: Continue to innovate and explore ways to expand your community and offer value. Consider a mix of online and offline engagement for a well-rounded experience.

Holly and Laura’s journey from Instagram to a thriving fintech business provides a valuable roadmap for tech entrepreneurs and business owners aiming to succeed in the digital age. Their story underscores the power of authenticity, the importance of building a community, the need for a tech solution aligned with your community’s goals, and the value of evolving your revenue model based on the community’s demands.

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