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Tech Trends In events

Top 5 event industry trends

The event industry is constantly evolving and adapting to an ever changing landscape. As our team at Make Events looks ahead to 2024, we see that several key trends are set to continue to shape the industry, redefining how we plan and execute events.


One of the most significant trends in the event industry for 2024 is the further integration of technology. With advancements in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI), our event organisers are constantly finding innovative ways to engage attendees and enhance their overall experience. From interactive displays to immersive VR experiences, technology is revolutionising how events are delivered.

Earlier this year we worked with our long-standing client Autotrader to plan and produce their annual conference.  The event included a huge 30-metre LED screen that was needed to deliver complex content along with live feed footage.  Overall the event was innovative and the result was technically impressive with complex production, engaging content…with a live-action Auto Bot to boot!  The integration of technology is now a mainstay of the events we are curating, and the results are breathtaking.


As environmental concerns continue to grow, event organisers are taking more and more steps towards creating eco-friendly events. This includes using sustainable materials for signage and decorations, implementing recycling programs, and reducing carbon emissions through efficient transportation options.  There is no doubt that sustainability will continue to be a major focus in event planning.

Health and wellbeing

The last few years have changed the way the industry thinks and acts about a lot of things.  Like all the trends mentioned in this blog, health and wellbeing are areas to have experienced significant changes.  Increased demand for alcohol-free and low-alcohol beverages, along with increasing consciousness about the makeup of the foods we eat, are driving healthy changes within the events we produce.  From CBD-infused nootropic drinks, low-sugar and sulphate free Fizz and ready-to-drink mocktail cans, to keto, vegan, and funghi-themed snacks, the food at our events is nothing short of creative!  Add reiki rooms, massage therapists, and breathwork technicians, and we are creating events with multiple opportunities for mindful moments.


Virtual events have gained significant traction during recent times due to global circumstances and they will continue to play a prominent role in 2024.  Virtual conferences, webinars, and online networking sessions offer convenience and accessibility for attendees from around the world.


And then there are hybrid events, which combine both physical and virtual elements.  Hybrid models allow for greater flexibility by catering to both in-person attendees as well as those joining remotely.  At the Hitachi COP26 event we produced an event with around 100 delegates in the main room and many more watching from home. We utilised remote presenters, dialling speakers in from around the world to contribute. This event aimed to deliver essential climate fighting initiatives to their international delegates both in the room and around the world, which by embracing the hybrid format we achieved with great success.  This event propelled our hybrid events forward and proved that such events are a formidable trend now and in the future.

At the end of 2022 Forbes Magazine explained that, ‘despite restrictions lifting globally and people returning to the office, demand for virtual events is not showing signs of diminishing. While in-person events are taking place again, the virtual events space is still anticipated to expand by 21.4% from 2022 to 2030.’

We have said it before and we will say it again, there is an agreed expectation within the event industry that the events landscape will continue to move towards increasingly curating live, hybrid and virtual events that provide meaningful connection with people, alongside live and virtual experiences that are truly transformational.

The event industry of 2024 and beyond will be marked by technological advancements that enhance attendee experiences while prioritising sustainability efforts. The rise of virtual events alongside the emergence of hybrid models will redefine how we connect and engage with audiences on a global scale.  Stay ahead of these trends to ensure your events are unforgettable experiences for years to come.  Our team at Make Events is here to help you achieve this.

Interested in hearing more about the growing importance of sustainability in events?  Earlier this year we penned a blog exploring how sustainability is prioritised at Make Events and how we work hard to encourage others in the industry to follow suit.  We were also proud to record a podcast episode where we heard our CEO, Holly, in conversation with Paul Brown, founder of BOL Foods, in which sustainability is a central throughout. 

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