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Why podcasts could be your biggest internal marketing tool

A quick look at any online job board will show you roles such as ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, ‘Wellbeing Officer’, and ‘Head of Employee Experience’. Many companies now recognise how hard it is to keep their employees motivated, engaged and happy in the workplace, and as such are taking measures, such as creating these kinds of jobs, to promote a culture that emphasises recognition, trust, open communication and work-life balance.

At Make Events we realised a while ago that podcasts offer a convenient and engaging way to communicate with our employees and promote internal messaging, which supports our own wider thinking around creating a happy workplace culture. In today’s digital age, where information is consumed on the go, and where professional communication has a human element to it, it is not surprising that podcasts have emerged as a powerful internal marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. They certainly have at Make Events.

By leveraging podcasts as an internal marketing tool, companies can effectively reach their workforce and keep them informed, motivated, and connected. Whether it’s sharing updates on company news, announcing new initiatives, or providing training and development resources, podcasting provides a versatile way of delivering targeted and curated content directly to employees’ ears.

One of the key advantages of using podcasts as an internal marketing tool is their accessibility. Employees can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere – during their commute, while exercising, or even during downtime at work. Businesses can broadcast podcasts into their break out rooms or cafeteria! This flexibility allows organisations to overcome time constraints and ensure that important messages are delivered in a format that fits into employees’ busy schedules, and in a way that is tailored and human, supporting employee engagement and happiness in the workplace.

Podcasts offer a personal touch that written communications often lack. Hearing the voices of senior leaders or subject matter experts creates a sense of connection and authenticity that helps build trust and remove hierarchical barriers within the organisation. It also allows for storytelling opportunities that can help reinforce company culture and values.

The opportunity for two-way communication is provided by podcasting. We now have this dynamic platform where you can incorporate interviews with employees or interactive segments to encourage feedback and engagement from listeners. This not only fosters a sense of involvement but also provides valuable insights into employee sentiments and concerns.

Podcasts are an effective internal marketing tool that enable companies to engage with their workforce in a dynamic and convenient way. By utilising this medium effectively, businesses can enhance communication efforts internally while strengthening employee engagement and alignment with organisational goals.

Are you podcasting internally? If not, why not? Podcast to share corporate messages, to share a new way of working, to gain employee feedback, or purely open up your workforce in a way that connects by having a 10 minute brew and natter with different team members each week. This type of podcasting activity improves communication and goes a long way in fostering a culture of togetherness, where this internal marketing tool is used for greater corporate good.

Check out our CEO Holly’s podcast here. With a theme of ‘Anything is Possible’, Holly shares stories and interviews with brand founders she feels embodies this mantra and inspires her and those that have been on the same journey with her for over a decade.

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