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Projection mapping at The Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Here at the House of Make, the team can’t stop talking about the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – and in particular, the epic party at the palace.  We’re seriously obsessed with this event; from the acts to the atmosphere, it was a total showstopper and made us SO proud to be part of the best industry in the world!

We’re zooming in on aspects of the event that we believe elevated the experience for the attendees; elements that we weave in to the events we produce, too!

First up, this blog is a focus on projection mapping. So, what is it, and how can it be used for events?

Projection mapping is a technical tool that allows you to overlap images and video onto any surface, such as a building or road.  You’ll likely have seen how powerpoint slides are projected onto a flat screen… and projection mapping brings an extra dimension!  Using a pre-production process to fit images onto a 3D model of a building, it gives a total level up to the space, with the appearance that the images are painted on.

The platinum jubilee party at the palace featured an incredibly impressive projection on to Buckingham Palace to provide a brilliant backdrop for performers including Alicia Keys and Adam Lambert.

Our Events Producer, Paighton Moran said: ‘the way they used projection mapping as a way to bring a sustainable element to the event was super inspiring.  AND it made the stage sets look fabulous!’

Here at Make Events, we’re no stranger to Projection Mapping and the incredible results it can produce in levelling up an event design.  From corporate conferences to vibrant celebrations, we can transform a space using creative effects such as this.

Here are some examples of how we’ve used projection mapping at our events, click below to have a read of our case studies:

Swinton 60th Anniversary Event

Virgin Trains Red Hot Awards Ceremony

Another element of the party at the palace event design we loved was the LED Pillars to bring a new creative spin to the stage sets, and of course the epic drone display; from corgis in the sky to the poignant ‘thank you ma’am’ message.

It’s not just about creating a wow-factor display.  Projection mapping can save costs AND save the planet; with epic opportunities to weave an extra level of sustainability into an event.

Reach out to our team to find out how we can level up your event with creative design and more!

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