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We are an international events agency that specialises in sourcing global venues.  Our team’s experience in international venue finding means that we can easily search and compare venues across countries in very little time, and we usually do this free of charge.  We can introduce the newest international event spaces and create a shortlist of venues that are perfect for our client’s brief.

International Incentives FAQs

Use our global venue finding service.  We can take away your venue-finding-stress and deliver to you the perfect international venue for your event.  


Our team at Make Events are highly skilled at venue finding.  You can draw on our global network of venues and event contacts to source the right global venue for your event.  We consider all of the venue details so you don’t have to – location, capacity, travel, access, parking, layout, amenities, contract flexibility and restrictions, insurance, general suitability to meet the needs of the theme of your event and everything else.


Save time, energy, and money.  Our team will get to know you, your event objectives, and any specific requirements you have before we present you with the perfect venue, which may be down the road or on the other side of the world.

ASAP.  While it does depend on the nature of your event, it is always a good idea not to delay.  There is nothing worse than finding the perfect venue but not being able to secure it for your date.  Don’t let that happen!  Your venue should be the first thing on your event planning to-do list.

We all know that wedding venues can get booked up over a year, and in some cases for multiple years, in advance.  It can be the same for corporate venues.  For events of 100+ try to start looking at least six months in advance,  and for events larger than 300, give yourself at least one year.


If you’re not sure, give our team a call.  We can help you source a venue that ticks all your boxes and delivers the right date.

Thankfully we live in a digital age where international venue finding comparison websites have emerged.  This has opened up what was once quite a secretive sector, which once featured many hidden venues that only those ‘in-the-know’ knew about.  The marketing potential from social media has proved too seductive for even the most elite international venues, and our skilled venue-finding team knows where to find them.

While some venues might remain somewhat out of sight to the general public, our global venue finding team knows them all and are available to provide an idea of the budget required for each of them.  Don’t waste your time researching and attempting to contact these venues to get an idea of cost, simply contact us at Make Events today to capitalise on our expertise.  We have spent years developing our venue database and are ready to help you.

It is a balancing act.  In planning an event you must attempt to synchronise the venue’s availability, cost, location, capacity, suitability to the event’s theme, amenities, and accessibility.

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