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Gleneagles Incentive – Engagement Boxes


An incentive trip to Gleneagles had to be cancelled due to Covid 19.  This left the guests disappointed.  We decided to create an experience in a box, to arrive on the date the event should have been and also to create a build up and excitement to a new date. We had a tight timeline as they event was only cancelled 10 days before.


We created a full colour print box coupling Make Events and Gleneagles branding in a cohesive way using our internal design studio. The outside of the box was to make the receiver feel as though they were in the crisp outdoors of Gleneagles.  Due to the short lead time we couldn’t get branded items so we picked really beautiful bespoke items sugh as an Edinburgh gin, barbour socks, Scottish chocolate with a tartan wrapper and more.


The guests immediately shared on social media and said it lifted their spirits in a very negative time for the country.  It kept them fully engaged until the event was held 2 months later

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