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Food of the Future: Trends for Your Next Corporate Events

Good food should always be exciting. But more often than not at corporate events, your delegates will expect plain, ordinary catering as they shuffle down the buffet line.

With the rise of Instagram encouraging guests to share their food online, there are more reasons than ever to create bright and beautiful food that your delegates wouldn’t want to turn down.

Here are some ways to improve your delegate’s experience with interesting food…

Home-baked goods – great for corporate parties/festivals
Is there anything better when you’re hungry than the smell of freshly baked goods? Try a festival-style set up with huts for each of your caterers. Examples include pies, fresh home-made jam, cupcakes etc.

This is also a great take-away for your guests that creates a memorable experience post-event.

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Locally sourced food – try at trade shows/multiple location events
Food is a major cause of landfill methane emissions and it is estimated 1/3 of all food produced is wasted. But, we need to eat, and what event goes ahead without a meal to keep your delegates going throughout the day?

Avoid wastage by only catering specifically for whats required and sourcing it locally. This lowers carbon emissions whilst also supporting local businesses. It makes each event different and is a great offering for your delegates.

Technology – useful for longer conferences with breakouts
Tech is a big part of most people’s lives, we can order a Friday night takeaway with a few clicks or the weekly big shop and have it within the hour. The inclusion of technology is only increasing and soon we will be able to use hotel or venue apps to quickly order grab and go food without having to wait.

Amazon Alexa are also adapting how voice-recognition can be used to order food. Starbucks have already set up a skill where you can order your drink before arriving in store. The possibilities are endless.

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Fusion cuisine – perfect for high end corporate parties
Don’t know whether to choose Japanese or French cuisine for your next corporate event? Just mix them together! Think sushi with a French twist – you meal will be an event within itself! See here for examples.

Has this made you hungry? Take a look at our catering gallery to see what we can provide for your next corporate event! Or get in touch to see what we can create for you.

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