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We know that corporate event accommodation booking is an important part of any business’s travel needs. Our client’s need to ensure that their employees have access to quality accommodation options when they are travelling. With the help of our global network along with our established buying power, we make sure that our clients are getting the best deals on corporate accommodation bookings while also ensuring that their employees have a comfortable stay…and best of all we usually offer this service free of charge!


Our event accommodation booking team helps the clients we work with to save time and money by comparing prices and providing personalised recommendations based on employee and company preferences, leaving a budget to upgrade an event or even just make a saving.

Corporate Accommodation FAQs

Reserve accommodation as soon as you have secured your venue.  The last thing you want is to have paid a deposit on the perfect venue only to find that the only accommodation that works for your group within the venue’s location, is fully booked.

In planning an event you must attempt to balance the accommodation with your budget and the accommodation’s suitability for your event and  guests.  Make sure you have a good understanding of your event demographics along with any specific needs of your guests before selecting event accommodation. 

While negotiating with event venues can sometimes feel uncomfortable, remember that most venues will have some flexibility in their pricing offers and will often have wriggle room, should you ask.


Our team is well-versed in venue haggling.  We work with venues around the world and know their flexibilities.  Need help securing the right price?  Give our team a call today.

Hosting your guests in one place makes a lot of sense for these reasons:


  • Extra collaboration and discussion time between attendees both pre and post the event.
  • An efficient booking process, with all the details and arrangements in one place.
  • A group booking often generates an attractive price from the accommodation provider.
  • Possibility of arranging and sharing transport to and from the venue, resulting in reduced costs and impact on the environment.

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