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Christmas Pop Ups FAQs

The hustle and bustle of Christmas events is a phenomenon that has intrigued many. Year after year, people flock to festive gatherings, creating an atmosphere of excitement and energy.  The inherent joy and anticipation associated with the holiday season, along with the season generating a spend of around £20 billion in the UK alone, are key factors in why many individuals and businesses choose to stage events at this time of year.  


With only a few weeks leading up to Christmas Day, there is a sense of urgency among businesses to make the most out of this festive period. This leads to a surge in events as an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of Christmas events within this short span of time gets underway.


The allure of tradition plays a significant role in attracting crowds to events. Many Christmas celebrations have been cherished for generations, becoming deeply ingrained in our cultural fabric. Whether it’s attending carol concerts, your office party, or visiting Santa’s grotto, these traditions hold sentimental value and draw people back year after year. 


Popular events such as festive markets and pop-up ice skating rinks offer an array of unique gifts, seasonal treats and experiences that entice shoppers and thrill-seekers alike, from far and wide. The desire to find that perfect present or indulge in holiday activities adds another layer of excitement and activity during this time, which compels event organisers to ensure there is plenty to choose from, ensuring that they all captivate the magic of the season.


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The first two Fridays and Saturdays of December tend to be the most popular Christmas party dates and can sell out months in advance.


Mad Friday takes place every year on the Friday before 24th December.  Also known as Black Friday, the day serves as a unique tradition in the UK’s festive calendar, providing an opportunity for people to let loose and celebrate before the Christmas season officially begins.  It is the most popular singular date for office Christmas parties.


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Due to the popularity of December dates for Christmas parties, and considering many Christmas parties are announced as early as April and May, it is not surprising that there are plenty of Christmas parties that do not actually take place in December.


It is always a good idea to host a Christmas party as close to 25th December as possible, but you will not be the first to throw a Christmas bash in November or January.  In addition to the high demand for December dates, which results in venues and event wranglers getting booked up well in advance, there is also the factor of cost.  Christmas, like weddings and babies, tends to evoke suppliers to pile a few pounds on event costings.  Throwing a Christmas party slightly outside of December could work to your bank balance’s favour.

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