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Podcast: Holly Moore, MD, reveals tactics behind Make Events

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Founder and MD, Holly Moore, from Make Events discusses the role of women in the event industry as well as her personal journey.

Last February, Holly ran an event for Make Events staff. She believes that the best way to drive a message home is through a live event and so she put this into practice for her own team which served as the delegates to the two-day conference.

This event allowed Holly to communicate the agency’s strategy for 2019 as well as remind the team of Make Events’ core values.

“The event was two-pronged: to drive the message of Make Events forward for the financial year and to give them [her team] the experience of an event that they loved so that they could sell it to clients,” Holly said.

She stressed that the devil is in the detail when it comes to planning. During her event, delegates (her team members) were presented with their favourite beverages and snacks while their favourite quotes were written on their bedroom mirrors.

Holly also wove research into the event and ensured all sessions were no more than 22 minutes. This has been proven to be the length of time an audience’s attention is captivated, so any content beyond this point of time is more likely to be wasted.

“Everyone’s attention span is so much shorter than what it used to be. If you leave more time for Q&A, the sessions become much more authentic.”

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