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Leading Events Agency launches PIVOT strategy to work positively in this ‘new’ world

Leading experience and brand communications expert, Make Events, has announced the launch of their post-pandemic business strategy.

The brainchild is that of CEO Holly Moore, she said: “It is with passion, expertise and as always practising what we preach that we will continue our mission but in a slightly different way. This is not a temporary pivot, it’s a change in strategy without a change of vision.”

Since its launch in 2012, Make Events has grown from Holly’s dining table into one of the UK’s most recognised agencies, working alongside nationally and internally recognised clients such as Puma, Vimto, Kellogg’s, Twitter and to name a few.

With the uncertain future of live events hanging in the balance, there has been a dramatic shift and increase in companies choosing to host their events on a virtual platform.

Moore said: “In a world that is “zoomed out” and suffering with digital fatigue; we wanted to make sure we can create an energetic, content driven, fast paced, visually exciting virtual experience partnered with digital and tangible pre and post event communications.”

Pre lockdown our main offering was Live Events and Experiences as well as global venue finding.

Make Events now provide…

Virtual Events – With a fully customisable virtual events studio and in-house design team, we know that we can help you create the same excitement of a live event, virtually!

Magic Touches Boxes –We can design and create the perfect branded gift to tell a story, give a kind message, support a brand strategy or enhance a product. You can also invite delegates to your virtual event with a gift or invitation to their door!

Creative Design Studio – We have always provided assets for live events and we are now set up for branding, graphic, print and design needs as a standalone option. If you like our branding, imagine what we can create with yours!

Bespoke Installations – we have increased our capacity to build and design event décor, props and installations for live and virtual events as well as for the retail and hospitality sector.

After witnessing the impact of Covid-19 on a national scale on the event industry and having to manoeuvre the uncertain path ahead themselves, Make Events has rallied together behind their strategy PIVOT.

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