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VITA Student – Alumni Reunion


Vita Student, in partnership with Make Events, faced several challenges when planning their inaugural Alumni Reunion event. Firstly, they needed to conceptualize an event that effectively showcased the career achievements of their past alumni while staying true to the Vita brand. Additionally, they had to transform a lounge area within one of Vita’s student accommodation buildings into a professional setting suitable for hosting the event. Lastly, they had to ensure a positive and engaging experience for the 120 past and present Vita Students in attendance, encompassing aspects like speakers, Q&A sessions, catering, entertainment, and branding.


To address these challenges, Make Events worked closely with Vita Student. They jointly developed a concept that emphasised a professional event with speakers and a branded stage to effectively communicate the journey and success stories of past alumni.

To transform the lounge area into a professional setting, Make Events arranged for the installation of a fully branded stage, a lectern for speakers, and gobo projection to display the Vita Student logo. They meticulously planned the event experience, providing a mobile bar for arrival drinks, collaborating with the Little Bao Bun for bowl food catering, arranging for an acoustic band for post-talk entertainment.ย 


The success of the Alumni Reunion event resulted in several notable returns on investment for Vita Student and Make Events. Firstly, Vita Student expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the seamless event execution, fostering a strong client-provider relationship. The event’s high quality impressed several directors and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in attendance. The event’s positive impact on alumni engagement, fostering a sense of connection and pride among past students, can translate into increased support to the organisation. 

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