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Softcat – Women in Tech Event 2023


Make Events, recently had the privilege of organizing a prestigious event for Softcat, a leading technology solutions provider. Titled “Empowering Women in Tech,” this empowering event aimed to celebrate and support women in the technology industry. Make Events took charge of event props, theming, and provided comprehensive event management services, ensuring a seamless experience for Softcat and its attendees.

Softcat recognized the need to address the gender gap within the tech industry and create a platform to inspire and empower women. They sought to host an event that would bring together influential leaders, industry experts, and aspiring women in tech.

However, they faced several challenges in executing this vision:

Event Theming: Designing an environment that reflected the event’s purpose and created a welcoming atmosphere for attendees.

Event Management: Coordinating all event logistics, ensuring smooth operations pre-event and on the day, and delivering a memorable experience for all participants.

Solution: Make Events collaborated closely with Softcat to overcome the challenges and deliver an exceptional Women in Tech event.


Event Theming: Make Events designed a captivating and immersive environment that blended technology and elegance. They incorporated elements such as futuristic lighting, interactive displays, and custom-designed props to create an atmosphere that inspired innovation and creativity.

Event Management: Make Events provided end-to-end event management services, taking care of all the details. They meticulously planned the event timeline, coordinated with vendors, managed registrations, and ensured a flawless execution on the day. Their experienced team remained present throughout the event to address any issues promptly and maintain a seamless experience for attendees.


Make Events’ expertise and meticulous execution of the Women in Tech event resulted in numerous tangible and intangible returns for Softcat:

Networking Opportunities: The event brought together influential women in the tech industry, providing Softcat with valuable networking opportunities. Building connections with industry leaders and potential clients furthered their business prospects and fostered collaborations.

Strengthened Reputation: By hosting a successful Women in Tech event, Softcat demonstrated their commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion. This bolstered their reputation as an organization that supports and champions women in the technology sector, attracting talent and potential partners.

Positive Employee Engagement: Softcat employees were proud to be associated with an event that celebrated women’s achievements in tech. The event showcased Softcat’s values and commitment to gender diversity, boosting employee morale and engagement.

Make Events’ collaboration with Softcat to organize the Women in Tech event at the Gherkin was a resounding success. By providing exceptional event props, theming, and comprehensive event management services, Make Events helped Softcat create a memorable experience that empowered women in the tech industry. The event’s positive impact on Softcat’s brand visibility, networking opportunities, reputation, and employee engagement showcased the significant return on investment achieved through their partnership with Make Events.

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