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PUMA – Internal Comms Filming


As a component of a larger event, PUMA enlisted the Content Studio at Make Events to create a humorous video to support their internal communications team in promoting their messaging for the upcoming year. The request was for a light-hearted video, with a comedic twist, that would involve the participation of all team members.

Make Events was responsible for developing creative concepts, scriptwriting, onsite filming, and video editing. The final product was intended for internal distribution among the PUMA team. The unique and entertaining video would be an effective tool for promoting the company’s messaging in an engaging and relatable way.


The Content Studio at Make Events, after a day of brainstorming, proposed the concept of recreating a iconic scene from the James Bond franchise, incorporating actual footage from the film to elevate the production value of the video.

We traveled to PUMA’s Manchester offices for a day of filming, utilizing multiple locations to enhance the visual appeal of the video. The following day, our team meticulously edited the raw footage to create a final product that was not only visually striking but also met the objectives set by PUMA’s internal communications team. By incorporating the classic 007 audio, the video was a huge success and exceeded expectations.


The final product exceeded the client’s expectations, with the quality of the footage filmed on-site receiving high praise. The humorous tone of the video was particularly well-received internally, with many employees commenting on how it effectively conveyed the internal messaging. As a result of the positive feedback, the client expressed interest in repeating a similar project in the future. Make Events was able to deliver a successful and entertaining video that helped to engage the PUMA team and support internal communications efforts.

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