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Matillion – Onsite Filming


Matillion, a leading technology company, approached Make Events’ content studio for onsite filming for their internal training. As the content studio offers a full-service video production service, we were able to provide Matillion with end-to-end solutions, including onsite filming, editing, and all promotional materials related to the project. As Matillion lacked in-house facilities for this type of production, they sought our expertise in creating visually engaging and dynamic videos to enhance their internal training efforts.


Make Events’ videographer spent multiple days on-site at Matillion, capturing footage of the company’s leading executive team discussing a variety of topics such as internal policies, values, and future plans. To add visual interest, the footage was filmed in various locations within the Matillion office.

Upon returning to Make Events, our video editing team transformed the raw footage into engaging and dynamic videos, expertly crafted into easily digestible segments. To enhance the visual appeal, our team incorporated graphics and animations at strategic points throughout the footage. The final edited files were exported and delivered to the client for use on their internal systems.


The success of this project was evident through the return on investment for Matillion. The engaging and dynamic videos produced by Make Events were widely adopted within the company, resulting in positive feedback from employees. As a result of the project’s success, Matillion has since booked multiple future engagements with Make Events, including an upcoming internal podcast series set to launch in the new year.

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