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CO-OP – Pioneer Awards 3D Ident Design


As part of the CO-OP Pioneer Awards Event organized by Make Events, the Content Studio was tasked with creating the main ident for the entire show. The client requested something ‘special’ and ‘a bit different’ to be created. This ident was to be utilized throughout the event, but would be prominently displayed on the main screen during the conference. Therefore, it was crucial that the ident be visually striking, engaging and of high quality.


To differentiate from previous projects, we decided to create the logo in 3D. This approach allowed us to manipulate and animate the logo in unique ways, providing the visually striking effect the client desired.

We began by utilizing a 3D editing software called ‘Maya’ to create the initial letter shapes, adding depth and dimension through the application of textures and shading. We then meticulously lit the shapes to create realistic shadows and highlights.

The animation process was then completed, with each animation being rendered frame by frame to the appropriate size for the event screen. Despite the time-consuming nature of this process, the final results exceeded our expectations and effectively achieved the desired impact for the event.


The client was highly impressed with the 3D logo on the event day, particularly when viewed on the large screen in the main conference room. Delegates provided overwhelmingly positive feedback throughout the event, with many noting it as the best event they had ever attended. As a result of this success, Make Events has secured a three-year contract with the client. The challenge now is to continue to exceed expectations and improve upon this year’s success.

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