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CO-OP Pioneer Awards 2023


Co-op’s annual Supplier Awards Show presented an exciting challenge—to transform the traditional event format into a captivating and immersive experience, setting the stage for the upcoming grand opening of the Co-op Live Arena. The objective was not just to celebrate supplier achievements but also to raise funds for the chosen charity, Bernardos. Departing from the usual seated dinner format, the challenge lay in creating an engaging 360-degree experience that would captivate and impress guests, setting a new standard for future events.


To achieve this, the event took place at Freight Island in Manchester, where the venue was completely transformed into ‘The Pioneer Awards’ space. Collaborating closely with sponsors who generously supported different zones within the venue, a diverse and immersive atmosphere was created. From the Brewdogs ‘Pie & Ear Pub’ to the electrifying Monster Energy stage outdoors, each area offered a unique experience tailored to engage attendees.

The highlight of the evening was the performance by headline guests, Basement Jaxx, whose electrifying set closed out the night, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The event was a monumental success, surpassing expectations. Attendees were enamored by the innovative setup, heralding it as a groundbreaking experience within the event landscape. Notably, many guests expressed that it was the most memorable event they had ever attended, setting a new benchmark for future Supplier Awards Shows.

The success of the event was also measured in its impact on fundraising for Bernardos, making a meaningful contribution to the charity.


The resounding positive feedback from attendees and the tangible impact on the charity underscored the success of ‘The Pioneer Awards.’ The event not only achieved its primary objective of celebrating supplier achievements but also successfully served as a preview of the immersive experiences to come at the Co-op Live Arena’s grand opening.

Overall, the event’s success stands as a testament to the innovation and creativity demonstrated by the collaboration between Co-op and its partners, marking a significant milestone in redefining the landscape of celebratory events.

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