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Close Brothers – Virtual Christmas Party


As a fun-loving company, they were keen to bring everyone together in the best possible way during lockdown. Tired of the normal zooms they wanted to elevate the virtual experience and create a feeling of togetherness whilst working apart.


The employees were encouraged to enter a virtual talent contest. There were no restrictions as to what type of talent they could show case. Anyone wishing to enter was asked to submit a two-minute video to Make Events.

The talent ranged from singer songwriters to dog shows! Make Events managed all the content to produce the videos for the event. But no talent show is complete without a celebrity host, so Make Events engaged with TV presenter Gethin Jones and secured him as the host.

The end product resulted in Gethin and their company CEO co-hosting the night from two remote locations.Make Events co-wrote a script for the show with Gethin, ensuring that the talent, interviews and other fun activities were seamlessly weaved into the experience. The event was broadcast like a TV show and the chemistry worked really well between the two hosts due to all the pre-event work to perfect the show.


The client felt that we had produced a really special event. The team considered spoilt having a celebrity host and they felt valued by the investment that had gone into the whole evening. They also believed they had reconnected with their colleagues by learning about personal interests and talents, rather than just connecting on a business level.

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