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Citation – Twisted Circus Christmas


To reward the team for a hugely successful year with an unforgettable event at a location close to their Wilmslow HQ in Cheshire. Citation wanted to build intrigue before the party.


Our event designers created a Twisted Circus theme, the full extent of which was only to be revealed on the night. Digital communications in the weeks beforehand suggested a mainstream circus theme. As guests arrived at the Mere Resort and Spa, nothing suggested any different. They were greeted by a fire eater, circus showgirls mingling with the crowd and drinks tokens collected from a vintage Punch and Judy booth. The usual circus entertainment!ย 

However, as the Ringmaster pulled back the curtains, an alternative Cirque De Soleil style was revealed. The black and white big top featured a mirrored circular bar in the centre and a giant birdcage hanging from the ceiling. Guests chose from having their fortune told, taking pictures on the selfie mirror or having a turn on a vintage peepshow.

Entertainers dressed as weird and wonderful acts such as puppets, crazed animals, body painted clowns and black clockwork swans, all adding to the unique atmosphere. We worked closely with Mere on circus themed food providing an interesting alternative to the regular bowl food. The main focus of the evening was the awards ceremony for members of staff who had shown exceptional commitment. We worked with a Maharaja band to create instrumental stings as each employee walked up to the podium to receive their award.


Employee engagement improved across the whole business leading to an increased sense of pride, loyalty and commitment in every department.

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