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Cardinal – 25th Anniversary


Make Events was tasked with organizing a 25th-anniversary party for Cardinal, a logistics firm based in Manchester, UK.
The challenge was to create a memorable and engaging event that would celebrate the company’s significant milestone while capturing the essence of the 90s theme. The event needed to accommodate 340 guests.

The primary challenges were as follows:

90s Theme: Cardinal wanted a 90s-themed party, which required careful planning to ensure the event would be nostalgic, entertaining, and appealing to a diverse audience.

Venue Selection: Choosing the right venue was critical. It had to be large enough for 340 guests, offer stunning views of the city, and allow for creative decorations and staging.

Entertainment: To keep the guests engaged, Make Events needed to secure high-quality talent and entertainment that would align with the 90s theme.

Event Branding: The event needed branding that would resonate with both Cardinal’s corporate identity and the 90s theme.


Make Events implemented the following solutions:

90s Theme Implementation: Make Events worked closely with Cardinal to develop a detailed 90s theme, which included a colour scheme, iconic 90s symbols, and references to pop culture. The theme would be incorporated into every aspect of the event, from branding to music set lists.

The Hilton Deansgate was chosen as the ideal location. Make Events transformed the venue with a combination of neon lights, 90s-era decorations, and custom installations that evoked the spirit of the 90s. Make Events secured top-tier entertainment that aligned perfectly with the 90s theme. The legendary DJ Graeme Park was booked to spin classic 90s tracks from a 3-meter-high boom box DJ booth, while a saxophonist and a singer performed from a neon rubix cube dancefloor, adding a unique and nostalgic touch to the event.

To ensure that the event branding was on point, Make Events created a customized 90s-inspired logo and branding elements that were prominently displayed throughout the venue, including on invitations, banners, and digital media.


The 25th-anniversary party organised by Make Events for Cardinal was a resounding success, resulting in a significant return on investment.

The party not only celebrated a significant milestone but also proved to be a strategic investment that yielded positive results in terms of employee morale, client relationships, brand visibility, and long-term impact.

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