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BGL – 25th Anniversary Awards


Design a creative concept to reflect BGL’s brand colours, 25th silver anniversary and Cirque du Soleil in one! BGL had produced events at Manchester Central before using different agencies and themes. We had to create something completely different to previous years and quickly establish a meaningful and enjoyable relationship.


We led all the communications with the venue and all the health and safety, to save the client time and travel, as they are based in Peterborough. Make Events took the brand colours of BGL to create an ‘onbrand’ Cirque du Soleil experience, that still screamed “party”. An alternative circus VIP area was created as the ‘backyard’ of a circus; with a foot juggler, hand balancer and contortionist, edible mist, edible perfume and a vintage photo booth with oversized bespoke props.

Guests were directed into the main room by the Spark Drummers, a unique act that created high energy and engaged the crowd. Cirque du Soleil engage their audience and generate a sense of theatre before the performance starts, so this is something we wanted to emulate. 

The costume designer from Strictly Come Dancing created bespoke costumes for the directors of BGL as well as the performers on the night. Make Events created the show with a selection of acts to create the perfect combination for a pre and post dinner including a glitterball and Cyr wheel acts in between courses. We worked with the main band to curate the set list to the client’s taste.


The virtual sales meeting accompanied by boxes created a feeling of togetherness and lifted the team spirits.The team went on motivated and fired up to deliver great results.

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