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BetFred – Corporate 50th Celebration


Betfred approached Make Events to organise their 50th Anniversary celebration for 800 staff with over 10 years service! The aim was to recognise achievement throughout the business and give staff a once in a life time celebration.


Manchester Central was chosen as the venue and we felt a sports theme with a game show feel would spark the interest of all the guests attending. Upon entering the venue the space had been transformed with a full sized boxing ring central stage dominating the space! Around the room bespoke giant props were built with smaller versions on each table – these included a giant grey hound, football, rugby ball, formula one car and a horse. The host was key to this event to create humour and also facilitate the prize winning games.

We chose Northern lad Vernon Kay and as his glamorous assistant, Denise Van Outen.

To kick the evening off, we started with a boxing match featuring Fred Done and Vernon Kay. A trash talking film was shown and ‘Done v Kay’ flashed on the screen. 

This included pre-clips which had been filmed prior of the pair ‘training for the match ahead. Throughout the night, documentary clips of the history of Betfred played on large screens across the venue – they highlighted key moments of the company and these were then reflected in games such as ‘Lucky 15’ based on a type of bet that Betfred offer.


The ROI for Betfred’s 50th Anniversary Celebration organized by Make Events was substantial. The event successfully recognized the achievements of its employees with over ten years of service and created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them. The bespoke giant props featuring a greyhound, football, rugby ball, formula one car, and a horse, along with the sports-themed event format, showcased the Betfred brand and its association with sports betting, leading to increased brand awareness and loyalty.

The humorous and engaging host, Vernon Kay, and his assistant, Denise Van Outen, added to the event’s appeal, making it a memorable occasion for all attendees. The documentary clips of the company’s history played throughout the night reinforced the company’s values and culture, highlighting key moments in Betfred’s history and helping to create a sense of pride and belonging among the employees. Overall, the event was a resounding success, delivering a high ROI for the company in terms of employee engagement, brand promotion, and reinforcing company culture.

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