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AutoTrader, our long-standing client, reached out to us for their all-employee conference, which was held at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. The event was expected to host 800 delegates throughout the day and ended with a party in the main room. Our challenge was to manage such a large number of guests and the logistics of pulling off an event of this magnitude successfully. Additionally, the event included a massive 30-meter LED screen for the main plenary and opening sessions, which added another layer of complexity to the project.


To overcome these challenges, we put together a highly skilled team of professionals who were experts in event planning and execution. We conducted thorough research and planning to ensure that all aspects of the event were taken care of. This included logistics planning for transport, catering, and accommodation for the guests. We also hired the best technical team to install and operate the 30-meter LED screen and ensure it ran smoothly throughout the day. Our design team worked tirelessly to create stunning visuals and content that would engage and inspire the audience.


Our efforts paid off, and the event was a massive success. The audience was fully engaged throughout the day, and the 30-meter LED screen was a highlight of the event, with many attendees sharing photos and videos on social media. The event also helped to build stronger relationships with our client and their employees, which led to increased business opportunities in the future. In conclusion, our careful planning, attention to detail, and expertise in event management helped us to deliver a successful event that exceeded our client’s expectations.

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