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Anything Is Possible Podcast – Virtual Episode


The Anything Is Possible podcast, hosted by Make Events CEO, Holly Moore, is a series that focuses on female empowerment, manifestation, and achieving seemingly impossible goals. The podcast features a diverse range of guests from various backgrounds.

While some guests are unable to participate in in-person episodes, Make Events ensures that the quality of the podcast is not compromised by utilizing remote podcast software. This allows for seamless remote recordings and ensures the podcast maintains its high-quality standards


To facilitate the remote recording of the podcast episode, the Content Studio at Make Events utilized the company’s video filming equipment to set up a remote studio in the Make Events offices. Utilizing three mirrorless cameras and professional-grade microphones, the studio was able to capture 4k quality streaming footage.

The guest for this episode was Joe Wicks, a well-known British fitness coach, who shared his personal journey and the challenges he faced in his career. The episode was edited together using the raw video files, incorporating feedback from host Holly Moore, resulting in a high-quality final product. A link to the episode featuring Joe Wicks can be found below:


The Anything Is Possible podcast has achieved remarkable success, surpassing all expectations in terms of views and downloads. The episode featuring Joe Wicks, in particular, received an exceptional number of views, setting a new record for the series. This is a testament to the fact that regardless of location, it is possible to capture high-quality content that effectively engages and inspires the audience.

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