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Anything Is Possible – Podcast Recording


The Anything Is Possible podcast, hosted by Make Events CEO, Holly Moore, is a series that delves into the topics of female empowerment, manifestation, and achieving seemingly impossible goals. The podcast features a diverse range of guests from various backgrounds.

One of the key challenges that the Content Studio encountered while recording the series was the need for a portable setup that could be easily transported to each guest’s location. This required the team to maintain high-quality equipment while also ensuring that it could be easily transported and set up in various locations. This created a unique and engaging series as each episode featured a different location and environment.


Shooting on location for this podcast presents a range of challenges, including varying lighting, audio, and video recording conditions. From a bustling hotel bar to an echo-prone gym to a custom-built recording studio, the team must use creativity to overcome these obstacles. However, as a professional podcast host, Holly Moore is able to extract the best from each guest in their chosen location, resulting in a podcast that has exceeded expectations. After recording, raw files are brought back to the Make Events office for editing. Utilizing video reviewing software, Holly is able to edit and craft each episode to maximize engagement. Through this process, the team has honed their skills over several episodes and is now preparing for Season 2!


The success of this podcast is evident in the impressive numbers it has achieved. While we were optimistic about the potential success of the podcast, we could not have predicted the level of engagement it has received. The success of season one has led to the confirmation of a second season, featuring even more exciting guests. If you are interested in listening to some of the episodes, please visit

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