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Anything Is Possible – Influencer Boxes


Make Events wanted to create an influencer and press box to launch their new podcast and brand Anything is Possible.  All items were bespoke to the guests of the podcast so weren’t run of the mill items that could be branded to amplify the brand.  However we need the box to tell the story of Anything is Possible rather than the brand. We also wanted to make sure that each gift would be used by the user to eliminate waste.

The boxes had to be wow as they were being delivered to some cold contacts that had no relationship with Anything is Possible, Make Events or Holly Moore.


We wanted to make sure the AIP brand sang so we created sustainable packaging, belly bands and stickers to add to each item to make the brand pop.  We also included an insert card explaining why each product had been selected so that there was a brand story. We created content on packing the boxes and opening them to create fomo and build up content on socials.


The objective was the receiver would love the box so much they would share on their channels to create user generated content and a sense excitement around the brand.  About 60% of recipients shared pictures and videos and then tuned into the podcast.  Holly has now built an on line relationship with some of them.

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