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Working for Make Events, an Events Agency with a Difference

Working for a events agency like Make Events allows employees to wear more hats in the business and get a better picture of operations. As we are such a tight knit team, it means that your role is less specialised, which allows employees to learn about all parts of the business.

At Make Events, we are able to take more of a personal approach with clients. You are a person, not a number and you aren’t being restricted by company policies. This means it’s much easier to truly know a client and create an event that is uniquely theirs.

To continue this discussion, we opened it up to the team and asked the Make Events office what their favourite parts of working here is.

1. You can have input into the growth of the business.
It is easier to voice your opinion on policies, how the team works and input your ideas for improvement. There are less opinions being given to the director, meaning they’re all valued and listened to.

At Make Events there is less of a hierarchy, meaning you work with (not just for) your boss. Whilst this means you can make a big impression, it also means everyone knows if you’re not pulling your weight!

2. Ability to build strong relationships with employees at different levels.
Having everyone who works for the agency under one roof means that you are able to build relationships easier and create a strong team of people who are motivated and care about the work they’re putting forward.

Employees are able to pick up and learn points that might not necessarily be part of their job, but gives them a more well rounded view of the business and its goals for the future.

3. Your job role is more varied
Everyone at Make Events gets on so well and works as one big team. We are all willing to help each other out and support each other in our different roles. If there is somebody that needs to get 300 invitations out by the end of the day, we will pull together and help out as much as possible.

There are also more opportunities to go on FAM trips, visit venues and try new experiences, as there are less people to share these out between, which in turn increases your knowledge much more quickly.

Make Events | Event Management Company Manchester | Events team4. Open door policy
Our Managing Director, Holly, doesn’t have a separate office that nobody enters, everyone being in the same office encourages openness and transparency with all employees in the company. It also means there is less of a chain to reach the top, its easy to talk ideas through and share opinions with her, encouraging you to be more creative.

Want to work for us? Make Events are hiring! See job opportunities here.

Make Events are the go-to corporate events agency for the North’s household names. Whether you want to educate, motivate or celebrate, we will create the ultimate experience.

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