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Why a personal development event can change your life

Can a personal development event really change your life? (Spoiler alert) yes, yes it can.

Our CEO and Founder Holly Moore has always been a personal development junkie, and is a huge fan of goal setting, journaling, mindset work and attending events focused on her growth.

This has led her to travel the world to attend personal development events, before launching her own – The Anything is Possible Conference, which kicks off in a month’s time! Holly is a true expert in all things events; but what makes this conference stand out is the experience poured into the planning.  Holly’s travels have seen her attend the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour, Girlboss Rally, Create and Cultivate and Tony Robbins #UPWLondon conference two years in a row!

At each of these experiences, Holly has built her network, learned from inspirational speakers, put herself outside of her comfort zone and challenged herself to grow.  She’s a huge advocate for taking the time out of your typical working schedule to be able to focus on developing both personally and professionally, and whether across the world or closer to home, has had truly life changing moments by attending events.

You might have seen our offices, the experiential story behind the Make Events brand, the House of Make.

But what you might not know, is that the WHOLE IDEA for the offices was born from a personal development event!!!

In 2018, Holly pushed herself out of her comfort zone to attend Tony Robbins signature event, UPW London, after following him since starting the business in 2012.

Holly says, ‘what drew me to his work were the insights and thoughts he has on all areas, which are so unique and specific, but have in turn helped shape so many of my decisions.’

The conference is a whole experience which took place over a Thursday to Sunday at London’s excel centre. 

So, what do you *actually* do at an event like this? We reminded ourselves with Holly’s post-event blog she wrote after attending the event;

You will have to do silly dancing, role play, pick your nose (I’m not joking!) so unless your prepared to make a total idiot of yourself in front of strangers, don’t bother! It’s actually super liberating as you just act like a big kid and the adrenaline is overwhelming at times.

You also dance a lot! It’s like a huge rave!

You meditate a lot too – that’s just amazing with thirteen thousand people.

And you massage strangers’ shoulders, high five and hug…. a lot! If you don’t like people in your personal space it might not be for you.

As well as the learning, the feeling it gives you is really beautiful (as Tony says) because you just bob around smiling at everyone, being nice, asking questions, helping people. This is something I’ve continued with after the show.

During the event, you had the experience to assess all of your limiting beliefs across your life and commit to making change. It’s not just about consuming content, but about taking action – which in itself is SO powerful and shows the real potential of attending personal development conferences.

Another area of the event is focused on goal setting, really taking time to think about what you desire to call in and change in your life, career or business.  One of Holly’s goals written down at the conference was the idea of ‘The House of Make’ – offices inspired by every element behind the brand mission and vision.

And guess what? That goal, written down at a personal development event, became reality for Holly, because she took action.

And that action, changed her business and life!

Are you feeling inspired? There’s still time to book your ticket for Anything is Possible, the UK’s ultimate personal development conference – think inspiring content, interactive sessions where you’ll actually work through and prioritise different areas of your life with workbooks and speakers to support you every step of the way.  Of course there’ll be loads of time to experience joy, too – with our pop up shopping area of epic brands, our 5pm club after party for networking, and even an Anything is Possible tattoo bar! 

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