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What we learnt at IMEX Frankfurt 2022

Our Group Strategy Director, Juliet Tripp and Event & Venue Coordinator, Mike Linford were in Frankfurt recently for IMEX 2022, one of our industry’s biggest conferences. Here were their main takeaways:

Content – Keep it short and snappy, make it interactive and try engaging the audience’s senses with colours, texture, audio and even scent!
Engage the senses; there were themed content rooms – with scents, colours and textures to reflect.
Food & Drink – It’s so crucial that as an events organiser we keep up with consumer food and drink trends; offering plant-based, sustainable and locally sourced is hot right now, along with considering dynamic non-alcoholic drink options to make events more inclusive across the board.
Metaverse – The future of events may well be hybrid, offering flexibility to attendees. But with the metaverse, those attending virtually just got a whole lot closer to the physical event through clever use of AR and VR.
Interactive Photo Booth Great for a fun takeaway gift or pop up experience, pre loaded backgrounds match with a photo taken by you at the show, complete with a photo booth. Great for a company with multiple locations and hubs – showcase the geographical growth of a business through core locations of offices which delegates can ‘visit’ virtually.

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