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Wellness tips for 2023

We’re big on wellness; whether in the events we produce for our clients, in our offices the House of Make, or in our personal lives.

In an increasingly busy day-to-day life, we tend to let our personal wellbeing and self care fall to one side in the name of efficiency and getting more done.  But in doing this, we often don’t see the harmful side effects of leaving behind wellness and that it actually damages our levels of productivity and happiness.

Prioritising wellness in the workplace or at events helps our employees manage stressful situations with a clear head, have a stronger level of focus, and feel at ease whatever their job role.  

We asked the team for their top workplace wellness tips for 2023.  

First up, moving your body. As human beings we are not designed to be sat down at a desk all day! We’re often on the go producing events, but there’s lots of planning that takes place in the office too.  We love to go for walks at lunchtime or even move around the office’s collaborative work spaces to get our steps in.

Setting mini goals for our working day.  We encourage each other to set intentions and priorities for our work day, to allow us to stay focused and have achievable things to work towards.

Fuel your body.  We all LOVE a takeaway every now and again… but there’s so much power in opting for brain food to fuel us to be more productive as we work – whether we choose smoothies over coffees or protein balls over chocolate cake – it’s all about balance.  

We’re bringing the balance to our own personal development event too, the first ever Anything is Possible Conference taking place in Manchester in March 2023.  Join us and bring your team along to put their wellbeing first.

There will be opportunities to move, to set goals, to get inspired, and to enjoy ALL the epic food and drinks options we love – yes, there’ll be both protein snacks AND cake!

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