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Volunteering at Cheshire Dogs Home

Make Events offers their employees 2 days paid volunteering per year. Introducing a volunteering opportunity allows employees to think about what they truly care about, whilst also being proven to help with employee engagement.

According to a Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey, “92% of surveyed corporate executives agree that contributing business skills and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to improve employees’ leadership and broader professional skill sets.”

Charlotte Aston, PA to Founder and Managing Director, Holly Moore, completed her volunteering at Cheshire Dogs Home. Charlotte was passionate about giving her time to animals who lack constant affection in their lives, she spent her time walking and caring for dogs in the home.

Here is what she took from the day:

“I decided to spend my day at Cheshire Dogs Home as I love dogs and wanted to donate my time to something that I’m passionate about.

On arrival at the dog’s home, I completed an induction to understand what was expected of me as a volunteer. My task for the day was to walks the dogs. This is the only opportunity they get to leave their cages all day, each dog must be walked alone for 20 minutes.

There were two deaf dogs who I was told had been adopted but were then brought back because they continuously barked. Tip for dog owners is that if a rescue dog is your first pet, think hard about the commitment you are making. A capable dog is hard to manage, but a dog with a disability is even harder. They are more demanding and need more love and attention.

They don’t get enough fundraising which means they rely on volunteers. Spending time at the home helps the dogs, staff and it also gives you personal gratification.

I felt refreshed and ready for the rest of my week at Make Events after my time at Cheshire Dogs Home. I found it helpful to do something completely different to my normal job. I’d love to go back and help out more when I next get the chance. One thing I learnt to bring back to Make Events would be patience with myself and processes that I carry out day to day.”

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