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Unique North West Venues For Christmas Parties

Now that summer is coming to an end and the kids are back at school, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Yes, with only 14 weeks to go, the time is ticking to plan your office celebration.

At Make Events, we’re always on the hunt for unique venues for events and we believe Christmas is a great opportunity to show your staff and customers how valued they are by giving them an amazing experience, away from the standard ballroom.

See below a few of our favourites for your 2018 Christmas celebration!1. The Florist, Liverpool
Possibly the most ‘instagrammable’ venue in the North West, The Florist has a unique entrance hall with two full-size in-bloom trees and a floral photo-wall. It combines style, contemporary art, modern dining and classic cocktails, all under one roof. Available for private hire.2. Opera Grill, Chester
Entering through the extravagant pillars, you are surrounded by orange leather seating, banquettes and booths, a ground floor dining room and a huge central bar. Marble table tops and exposed brickwork set the tone in the Opera Grill as a striking restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere. Available for private hire.

3.. School for Scandal, Manchester
School for Scandal is First Street’s new bar and restaurant. Modern tattoo artwork adorns walls and menus, there are school hints throughout and the bar is wrapped in lavish greenery. Instagram heaven. Available for private hire.

4. Alma De Cuba, Liverpool
Held in the former St Peters Church, it is the first church in the city to be turned into an event space. This vibrant venue has high ceilings and offers a luxurious dining experience in the cities bustling nightlife neighbourhood. Available for private hire.
5. Chester Zoo, Chester
Chester Zoo offers guests flexibility to hold your event in most areas around the zoo. They offer evening safari BBQs, added entertainment and exclusive zoo hire. What’s more, by holding your event at Chester Zoo, all proceeds raised contribute to their conservation efforts, helping critically endangered animals and their habitats, in the UK and around the world.
6. Fairfield Social Club, Manchester
Located under the Manchester Piccadilly railway arches, Fairfield Social Club is a new urban, industrial space with exposed brickwork. A perfect bank space that can be dressed for Christmas celebrations. Available for private hire.
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