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Why host a virtual event for your team?

In a world that is “zoomed out” and suffering with digital fatigue; we create an energetic, content driven, fast paced, visually exciting virtual experience partnered with digital and tangible pre and post event communications.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of virtual events –

1. Return on Investment
Data is power with virtual events. You have greater tracking on who’s attending sessions, who’s watched the full duration, and this allows you to tailor future communications to your team and your clients. Why are you having your event? What do you want your delegates to get out of it? Asking these questions is how we ensure you get a return on investment and your guests leave feeling inspired and informed.

2. Increase in Attendance
It’s much easier to attract a wider audience for a virtual event than an in-person event as there is a different level of commitment. Guests can also register at any time! An hour before, during or even post-event to watch the on-demand content.

3. Encourage a sense of community
As with any event, there needs to be a social element to connect your delegates. Breakout groups, live chat function and engagement boxes direct to their doors is a great way to do this (maybe with some swag for them to all wear during the sessions!) The microsites we create act as a hub for your delegates to chat, watch the live stream and engage with the content you’re producing.

4.Worldwide Access
Hosting a virtual event means you can open up registration to anyone in any location around the world. Live captioning in multiple languages can also be added by our production team.

5. COVID-19 Safe
Virtual events eradicate almost all COVID-19 concerns. The Studio we operate out of is a COVID secure environment and we can bring speakers in remotely from their homes, anywhere around the world.

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