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Speaker highlights at the Anything is Possible Conference

At Make Events, we’re dedicated to going above and beyond to create the ultimate event experience, every single time. A huge part of this is curating an event agenda which highlights the most valuable topics for our attendees, and helps them reach their goals through learning new skills, or becoming educated in a particular area.

We choose speakers by working backwards; looking at how we would like our delegates to feel after listening to a speaker, how their motivations will be impacted and what they might do or think as a result of the session.

We can then find the perfect fit for these objectives, by choosing a speaker and also looking at how the session is delivered – be it a keynote, an interactive round-table, an educational workshop.. Just to name a few formats we love!

At our upcoming personal development event, the Anything is Possible conference, we’ve curated an agenda full of empowering and inspiring topics to spark thoughts and drive change, no matter your background or goals.

Here’s three speakers to look out for!!!

1) Roxie Nafousi

2) Joanne Thompson

3) Dr Katie Ford

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