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Rules of Engagement

At Make Events, we’re often asked to design events that will truly engage employees. Award ceremonies are increasingly popular so here we take a look at the reasons why.

Why does employee engagement matter?

When employees are really motivated and engaged there is a perceptible shift in behaviour. They visibly buy in to what the company is trying to achieve and move from merely doing the job that they’ve been given, to thinking more proactively about how they can help their team reach its objectives. They become the company’s biggest advocates, helping with recruitment and creating a culture of pride in the business. Engaged employees are also less likely to feel that they won’t be working for the company in two years’ time; a very worrying trend that has emerged, particularly amongst millennials, who don’t have a concept of a job for life.

How engaged are your employees?

So where do you start if you want to improve employee engagement? Firstly it’s worth finding out just how engaged they are in the first place and identifying the areas where you need to take action. If you’ve have dismissed staff surveys in the past as a waste of time, then think again. Administered and analysed correctly, they are a great way to get honest feedback from your teams and establish a benchmark of opinion.

There can be marked differences between departments, with marketing teams often scoring the least in terms of engagement. Length of service is also a divisive factor. Relatively new staff are often still in the honeymoon period, whilst those who’ve been with the company for between two and six years are often heading for divorce. Take these factors into account when planning your programme.

What drives employee engagement?

Leaders that demonstrate that staff are pivotal to their company’s success are amongst the top four drivers of employee engagement. So how do they achieve it?

Company awards are a serious part of your toolkit. Used well, they will deliver real benefits and bring about a noticeable change in employee behaviour.


The benefits of holding company awards

  1. Employees feel that the company is taking recognition seriously. There’s a huge difference between a ‘well done’ email from the boss and a glittering awards ceremony with real kudos, where nominees get VIP treatment and feel valued whether they’ve won or not.
  2. They show the rest of your organisation exactly what exceptional performance looks like.
  3. Awards are very PRable. Nominees are sure to post about their fabulous evening on social media, cementing your reputation as a great place to work. Winners and their case studies can be used in company newsletters, intranets and walls of fame, encouraging and inspiring other staff.
  4. We’ve seen first-hand how aspirational award ceremonies inspire teams and individuals to get nominated the following year, driving up standards.
  5. Company awards are a great way to bring together teams from different offices and locations, encouraging them to bond and creating a shared sense of achievement.
  6. Executed well, awards ceremonies are a great way to reinforce positive branding. They can bring your brand values to life and really help embed them into the fabric of the company. This might be reflected in the type of success recognised, the generosity of your hosting or how winners are selected.

Building employee recognition awards and hosting your first awards ceremony can be daunting so please feel free to pick our brains. We’re always happy to roll out the red carpet.

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