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Promoting Wellness at Make Events HQ

Managing wellness in your team is essential to ensure your team are happy and are working to the best of their ability. Here are a few ways that I try to encourage this day to day at Make Events.

1. Fitness
People that work out have more energy, which means you will make more health conscious decisions and have the will power and discipline needed to carry these out. Personally, I didn’t get into fitness until I was 30 and wish I’d discovered it much earlier!

Going to the gym is my non-negotiable. I’m not the first in the office because I like to get my workout done and would rather work later with a clear head. It’s the thing that balances me and makes me feel in control of the day’s events.

I make it my mission to encourage the team to work out. We have given the team a complimentary gym membership next to work which makes working out so much more accessible for everyone. If this isn’t an option, start a running club or bring an instructor into your offices?

2. Mental Health Awareness
The first thing you can do as a manager is make it clear that mental and physical wellness are respected and treated in the same way in your organisation.  Making this clear is the first step for colleagues to feel they can come to you.

Have strategies and an environment in place that supports when people aren’t feeling quite on par. For example, at Make Events we have our main open plan office and a smaller quieter room. Very often people with mental health problems can’t face work, not because they aren’t capable but they might feel emotional; if they know there is a quiet room where they can work for the day they may choose to come in rather than stay at home.

If a colleague chooses to go onto medication, as an employer you must be aware of the initial side effects such as forgetfulness or lack of attention span; try to work around these. Ask the question, how can I support you to be your best during this time?

NHS support can take a long time to come to fruition, if you offer private health care, make sure the team are aware that using this will speed them up the process.

In events we can get away with being out of the office, so I would support that appointment like any doctors appointment – we all know events hours require a lot of give and take.

3. Get Moving
Moving from your desk and not staring at a computer screen all day can really clear your head. I encourage the team to take breaks often and you’ll find that it actually increases productivity.

4. Little Changes In The Office
As an events agency, we get offered a lot of delicious food when attending events or FAM trips, so taking a back seat on healthy eating and exercise can sometimes be far too easy.

Make Events have started a Monday morning group fitness class at Fusion Health. It included a core workout circuit; crunches, push ups, squats and then finished with some boxing.  We also have a water cooler in the office where the team are encouraged to have as many ice-cold glasses to refresh and revitalise their mind.

5. Positivity
In the office, we try to encourage each other as much as possible to lead a healthy lifestyle and go to the gym. We often book classes to go to together. Having a few people to head to the gym with after work really encourages you to do it. I try and not go home and have a glass of wine and try to live a healthy lifestyle at least Monday to Thursday. I get invited to lots of social events and although sometimes I would love nothing more than to be tucking into that Malbec, I don’t because I know what I have to do the next day.

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