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Projection mapping in events. Why is it so exciting?

Put simply, projection mapping uses technology to project imagery onto various surfaces from complex buildings and industrial landscapes to simple stage effects.

By manipulating light, common objects are transformed into 3D, interactive displays with texture and colour.

It’s a complicated process and used to be very expensive, but at events it can be a fantastic visual stimulation that gives attendees a really engaging and memorable experience. Highly shareable on social media, projection mapping can provide significant brand publicity.

At Make Events we already use and are constantly reviewing how we can incorporate the latest technology into client events making them even more remarkable. Even in these days of perpetual contact through technology and a focus on engagement through digital and social media, brands are finding that there is still a powerful need to get face-to-face with audiences.

Some of the largest, digital brands in the world – Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon – put significant resources behind conferences, roadshows and live events, and use technology to enhance engagement.

For ‘Swinton’s Landmark 60th’ event that we produced, guests experienced a 6-minute live projection show beamed onto a model house (above), taking them on the company’s journey through the decades, while at the Virgin Train Awards we wowed guests with changing light displays and a live feed up on the screen plus an amazing crystal ball manipulator.

We understand that your brand needs to engage directly with customers, and we use projection mapping as one way to improve your engagement.

See the projection mapping pieces we have created for Virgin Trains East Coast, Swinton Insurance and AutoTrader.

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