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Personal development trends for 2023

Here at Make Events, we’re seriously obsessed with personal development.  So much so, that we’ve launched our own personal development brand, podcast, and conference: Anything is Possible!

As a business, as a team, and as individuals, we set and work towards our goals on a daily basis.  Whether that’s collaborating with our clients to work towards their business objectives and achieve them through producing their corporate events, or in our internal training sessions where our team focuses on their own personal growth.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to think ahead to goals and growth for 2023.  Our very own ticketed event, the Anything is Possible conference, takes place on 25th March and is the UK personal development event empowering attendees to take the next step in their careers, business and personal lives.  As we prepare to bring the conference to Manchester, we’ve created a list of our top personal development trends for 2023; the areas we feel are most important in the empowerment, mindset, and professional growth space for the year ahead.

1. 360 approach

Personal development isn’t just about one area of your life.  To be able to grow both personally and professionally, it’s important to look at all of the areas in which you can develop in and out of your career.  One of our favourite ways to do this is the ‘wheel of life’ (you can download your template here!) The wheel of life looks at each aspect of your life individually (including career, finance, romantic relationships, wellbeing and more.)

We’re using this as inspiration for the agenda for our Anything is Possible conference; there will be breakout sessions for you to choose based on the challenges you’re facing and the areas in which you want to grow.

2. Bring the joy: doing what makes you happy

In pursuit of achieving your goals, are you actually taking time to do what makes you happy?! We are so passionate about weaving moments of JOY into every event we plan, every experience we create, and every time we focus on development. 

It’s not just about achieving a career goal but ENJOYING life in the process. That’s why our personal development conference includes not just learning, but fun pop-ups; shopping, beauty bar, a real tattoo artist and a ‘snaccident’ bar full of snacks to fuel you, as well as loads of instagrammable moments of course

3. Putting yourself first

This trend is linked closely to bringing joy,, but we’re huge advocates for allowing people to be a true expression of themselves and so ‘putting yourself first’ is on our trends list.  This means taking action on those ‘one day goals- ’ finally trying out yoga for the first time, picking up that business book or creating a daily gratitude practise, it’s time to make personal development personal.

4. Growing your network

They say you’re a combination and a reflection of the five people you spend the most time around.  When’s the last time you checked in on who’s around you?

Events are incredible networking experiences, where you can meet like-minded people and learn and grow together.  Our upcoming Anything is Possible conference in March has a networking party to close out the event – and we can’t wait to see the connections and friendships formed!

5. In person experiences

Being ‘in the room’ to experience the energy of a personal development event is truly life-changing.  We think more in-person empowerment and growth opportunities will be an important trend for 2023, and that’s exactly why we’re bringing the ultimate UK personal development event to Manchester in March!

You can secure your individual or group tickets for the Anything is Possible Conference here!

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