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Our guide to looking after your team’s mental health in the workplace

In an increasingly busy world, it’s more important than ever to make mental health a priority. For ourselves, and for those we work with.  We all have ‘mental health;’ just as we do physical health, and when we spend so much time working, whatever our career, it needs to be something we focus on.

So as employers, what does this look like?

We believe it’s about playing a proactive role in understanding the needs of employees, giving them a supportive environment to work and to feel safe, and to empower them to feel comfortable in seeking mental health support. 

Working in the world of events is, in our opinion, the BEST job in the world.  We love what we do, and that we get to create the ultimate experience with the events we produce.  However, we’re aware the role of an event planner is repeatedly cited as the 5th most stressful job, and we recognise the high-pressured nature of our industry.  Leading mental health in events initiative ‘Eventwell’ states: ‘One in three event professionals will experience poor mental wellbeing and health every year.’ We’re on a mission to change that statistic, and ensure everyone we work with has the support they need.

Here are some of our quick tips for creating a work environment which prioritises the mental health of employees, no matter your industry.

  • Make time to check in

We encourage our team to check in with each other, having conversations not just about work priorities but how they’re feeling, and how they can best be supported.  This is an ongoing priority, not just for scheduled performance reviews.

  • Managers, don’t forget to fix your own oxygen mask first!

We’ve all heard the saying on flights… but it exists for a reason! It’s important to make sure you are looking after yourself, so that you can look after your team too,

  • Go for growth

It’s so important to create a working environment where teams and individuals can grow personally and professionally.  Employees that feel their mental health is a priority, can feel more confident in themselves and have increased capacity to feel motivated and passionate about their work as they aren’t distracted by feelings of overwhelm and challenge. 

  • Mix it up

Be sure to create opportunities for your team to connect outside of the office, too! Whether that’s a lunchtime walk or a team away day – feeling valued and changing the working environment can help employees feel valued and listened to.

  • Put your team first at Anything is Possible

We’ve created the ultimate team day out for workplaces to bring employees together to feel supported and valued as they grow and develop, at our very first Anything is Possible conference 2023.  Find out more and grab your ticket today!

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