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Live events are back – with a difference!

So many companies are looking to the UK for their live events this year that it’s guaranteed to be a busy time. Many venues are struggling with a combination of staff absence due to isolation, getting back to 100% operationally, and an increase in demand.

This, in turn, may create issues for companies that are unable to take incentives and events overseas and are looking for exceptional venues here in the UK.It means that venue finding is becoming more and more important – and with reduced availability, people will really need to think outside the box to create the ultimate event experience.

The real question is, how do you wrap an exceptional branded event around an exceptional venue in these post-Covid times?

Venue finding is not simply a case of calling venues, finding one with the capacity and availability, and just booking it. Venue finding as we do it means completely understanding the clients brand and matching that brand to the right venue. And, of course, also knowing the venues intimately. That way, we can wrap up the brand in an experience that really floats your boat.

In order to get that right, we visit and build rapport with the venue so we can understand what they offer, how they are increasingly working with the local area, and how they, and we can package them together to add value to your event.

As an example, we recently visited NoMad in London which is a beautiful venue for any event (located in Covent Garden, so couldn’t be better placed).  Situated in a Grade II listed building, you might have thought that being an amazing, 5-star hotel would have been enough. But, as it was formerly Bow Street Magistrates’ Court and Police Station, they use the gaol to create bespoke escape rooms providing something quite unique for your customers and staff.

Yet it’s not only about the venue itself. It’s about knowing the area in detail – be it Manchester 48, NoMad, or Gleneagles – and by visiting, building relationships, and developing an understanding that we can create brand experiences that go beyond your expectations.

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