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Levelling up your learning and development at work

It’s been estimated that the average person will spend one-third of their life at work.  So just imagine the power of weaving growth and development into that time.

At Make Events, we’re huge advocates for learning and development, which is why we love to support our clients with employee engagement events, leadership workshops, training days, team building and more.  Internally, we run our own personal development programme for our team, which supports them to grow both in and out of their job roles.

Our Anything is Possible conference has been curated to provide the opportunities employees and individuals need to not just survive, but thrive at work.  And because we ‘walk the walk’ with professional development ourselves, we’re taking the hard work away from convincing *your* manager to sign off on you and your team attending the event as part of your own growth.

Company and team leaders understand the power of professional development and training, and the positive impact it has towards employees to develop successful careers.  It’s your turn to remind them, and here’s how:

Firstly, take a moment to remind yourself why you want to attend a particular personal development event (such as the awesome Anything is Possible conference!) Perhaps you’re looking to grown your confidence and your network by connecting with like-minded professionals. Or maybe you want to learn from inspiring speakers to support you in finding out how you can grow in areas such as finance, wellbeing, family, friendship and more.

Focus on the value this will bring to the company.  The key here is to frame your reasoning in terms of how you attending the event will benefit your team and company; bringing a worthwhile ROI (return on investment)

The ROI of attending a conference such as the Anything is Possible conference spans SO many different areas; from promoting your company and brand by representing them, to learning in an interactive breakout session with skills you can bring back to your team, to networking with other professionals who could become clients or partners.

Just like so many other training and empowerment events, the Anything is Possible Conference is all about professional development, which is absolutely aligned with the priorities of so many managers today.  Whether you already have a training budget or are looking to introduce one for your team, it’s important to demonstrate the ROI and learnings you can bring back to the business, to support your manager in signing off on your attendance and supporting your continued growth.  And because we’re so ready to support you with your next levels, we’ve even written an email template you can send to your boss!

Subject Line: Professional development opportunity

Hi [insert Manager’s name],

Registration is open for the Anything is Possible Conference 2023, and I’d like to attend on behalf of [insert company name]. It’s a Manchester-based personal and professional development conference for ambitious women who want to level up in their careers, and it’s happening on Saturday 25th March at Victoria Warehouse. 

The Anything is Possible Conference has been established by Holly Moore, events entrepreneur, and host of the Anything is Possible podcast. Her story is all about inspiring others to realise their potential.

It’ll be an amazing opportunity for me to not only represent our company and network among 250 other attendees and influential speakers, but I’ll also be able to bring back new skill sets and learnings from the agenda. The programming includes topics such as confidence, productivity, goal-setting, wellbeing – along with many different areas on the personal development side too, and I’d love to be able to bring my learnings back to work. 

Please could you kindly take a look at the costs to attend and let me know if I have your approval to book as part of my ongoing professional development?

Ticket price: £200 + booking fee, or if a group of the team attend together, we can get a team discount with 10% off!

Tickets include all the refreshments and networking opportunities.

[Insert travel and accommodation costs if required]

To ensure this benefits the wider team, I’d love to share my learnings and takeaways by giving a short presentation to our team after attending.

I look forward to discussing this further, and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best wishes,

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