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How to level up your networking

Porter Gale once said: “Your network is your net worth” and we’re big believers in the power of a network and community in providing more opportunities, for confidence growth, for scaling businesses and opening more doors for you to fulfil your potential – either as an individual or as a business.

We are often asked by our corporate clients to create networking opportunities at the events we produce, whether as part of an agenda for a brand’s internal employee engagement event – which can encourage business departments to get to know each other, or also for external or commercial events – for example in an expo setting where different businesses will get to take a moment after a busy event day to enjoy a more casual drink and conversation.

How do you feel about networking? Do you love it? Or does the very thought of it send you running and freaking out about how you’re going to create and hold a conversation?

Have no fear – when it comes to networking, we’ve seen it all.  That’s why we’re pleased to share our mini guide on how to level up your networking.

Firstly, have a purpose.  Understand your ‘why’ for attending a networking event or opportunity.  Perhaps it’s to grow others’ understanding of your business, to increase your local connections – or to give you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and grow in confidence!  Having a reason for networking can take the overwhelm away.

Begin to connect before the event.  Often there’s an event hashtag you can interact with, so make the most of it! Search online for those who might also be in attendance, so that you can connect with them on linkedin or other platforms ahead of the event, and have friendly faces to meet and greet when you arrive.

Make it about them – not about you! Make it your mission to ask questions, be curious, and give fellow networkers the opportunity to share more about their story.

Take time to follow up.  We always recommend putting some time aside post-event to connect online with the new contacts you made at the event.  Whether it’s turning those business cards into linkedin connections, or sending a friendly message to those you met, the power of networking is truly in the long-lasting connections you make and the impact they can have long-beyond the event date itself.

The most important piece of the networking puzzle? Be there. Be present, be ‘in real life,’ be in the room.  Events have so much potential in building your network, but you have to say yes to events, and make them a priority in yours and your team’s diaries. 

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