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How to find that “feeling” in your career

For Louenna Edwards she got that feeling when she won her National 100-metre sprint. She had never felt anything like it. So, as she developed in her career she wanted to get that feeling again.

When she got her dream job at Barry’s Bootcamp she got that feeling again, then again and again.

I interviewed Louenna as part of our Make Fit series. Watch the full interview here.

Here are some of the key takeaways that I learnt from her.

  1. It is important to take some time in silence, turn your phone off. Get a note pad and journal and set yourself 30 – 60 minutes committed to writing.  It might not come to you at first but think about when you have had that feeling.  That’s what we want to replicate when chasing our dreams.
  2. Fall in love with an industry then find your niche. You may love fitness, events or fashion.  But what part of that industry excites you the most.  For Louenna, she loved fitness but was drawn to boutique gyms and the entire experience. From the surroundings, to the food and drink options and the fact it wasn’t just working out, it was a “treat”. This made her very focused on what part of the industry she wanted to be in. That meant she focused on one area rather than chasing her dreams in the entire industry.
  3. What brands do you love? Take some time to think about the brands you love and consume yourself.  For example, you might love a protein brand but don’t work in the fitness industry. But if you work in marketing, PR or events – the brand you love might have jobs in those areas.  If you focus and make that your target… anything is possible. Louenna focused on Barry’s and wasn’t satisfied until she got her dream job there.  She “knew” she could do it.
  4. Mild stalking is okay. If you know who the person is you need to talk to, send them a message so they know about your passion for their brand. Louenna kept doing classes at Barry’s Bootcamp so they knew who she was and she was then able to go and directly speak to the person who selected the trainers.At Make Events it will be the people who have contacted me on Instagram, emailed me and put things in the post that get my attention.  Don’t forget, Business Owners and Leaders are not immune to flattery!  I love nothing more than someone telling me they love or follow Make Events, it makes me feel great.
  5. Then the hard work starts. Once you have your dream or career don’t be complacent.  Put in the graft, do the hours, say yes to additional opportunities.  Always be the one that is remembered. Be the person the client or customer asks for.
  6. Age is just a number. Be patient.Lockdown has taught us to be patient.  So many people want everything as soon as they come out of University but from my experience, you need to earn your stripes and learn your craft. Nothing beats experience.

Louenna didn’t start at Barry’s Bootcamp until she was 29. I didn’t start Make Events until I was 35.  I wouldn’t have had enough life or work experience to do it any earlier.  50 is the new 30 anyway look at J Lo and Davina! Slow down and don’t expect everything straight away.

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By Holly Moore, CEO and Founder of Make Events

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