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Five reasons EAs and PAs should attend the Anything is Possible Conference

Guest blog written by Lily Shippen recruitment.

Our recent Salary and Marketing Update revealed that there is a clear need for businesses to invest in the personal development of their employees, with 84% of all professionals surveyed having investigated this for themselves. 

Personal development is unique to everyone but involves looking inward and focusing on ways to better yourself. Personal development increases your self-awareness and your self-esteem, increases your skills, and, in turn, fulfils your aspirations.

It was a word I hadn’t really thought about too much until I attended my first personal development conference in Los Angeles in 2020 at Oprah Winfrey, just weeks before the pandemic ground everything to a halt, and I needed it more than ever. From that moment on, I fully leant into personal development, which included starting a 5am club, analysing where my life was at across different areas (fitness, career, finances and relationships), writing my goals down every single day and attending as many events as I could (albeit they were virtual ones at the time). I even pinched an idea from my friend of writing my goals down inside boxes of champagne and drinking them once I had hit the goal. I recently found my goals from that period of time and surprised myself with what felt like BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) at the time; they were very much things that I had since achieved. 

I am a true believer in personal development, and there is one person that has had a strong influence over me when it comes to the topic, and that is my friend Holly Moore. Holly lives and breathes personal development; she writes her goals down religiously, she’s attended many conferences on her own, and I’ve always been amazed at how much she’s grown each and every time she’s attended one and what ideas she’s had off the back of them. 

Holly launches the Anything is Possible Conference on 25th March at Victoria Warehouse, and if you’re interested in hearing why the personal development conference could be right for you, then please read on. 

– Anything is Possible is the first event of its kind in the UK – bringing together all aspects of personal and professional development. With a jam-packed agenda from 8am to 8pm, covering finance, confidence, habits, fitness, sleep, start-ups, self-belief and more – whatever you want to prioritise in your life, there will be something amazing for you at AIP! 

– Your employer can invest in you because your ticket to AIP can be part of your L&D within your role. 

– Sessions will include mindset and confidence workshops, so you can connect with yourself and spend a day working on your goals and how to make them a reality. 

– Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants need to understand and apply growth mindset values as, typically, they are dealing with a leader or leadership team that comes from this place, so any learning about this strategic way of thinking will benefit you and your executive.

Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants typically get to organise events as part of their role, so attending a conference that is strategically designed to engage and communicate a message will leave you feeling inspired to bring this creative and content-driven experience into your own role.

To find out more about Anything is Possible, follow the team on Instagram.

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