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Event theming from the heart

Take your event theming to a new level

Clients often ask us for ideas to personalise an event and bring their brand into the theme of the day. Our friends at Swizzels Matlow over in the High Peak gave us some sweet inspiration last week.

Many of us will remember Love Heart sweets from when we were kids. There would be giggles as you handed ‘Be Mine’ to the cute boy in your class or blushes when someone left ‘True love’ on your desk. Well now, you can buy giant Love Hearts with space to print your logo or event theming on the roll.

We know from experience that sweet stalls, and especially retro sweets, go down really well at events. The happy nostalgia that comes with them provides a great icebreaker and sweets are pretty much essential for sessions that require teamwork, brainstorming or idea generation. We’ve presented them as candy stations and also carried in trays by hosts – see for yourself in our gallery.

The particular joy of Love Hearts is how easily they can be incorporated into a theme focused on employee engagement, with messages around loving what you do, sharing the love or being sent with love. People enjoy sharing the messages printed on the sweets, creating a more memorable way to get your message across.

Branded giant Love Hearts are suitable for people following vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diets. Each roll is 12cm long x 2cm in diameter and contains 25 sweets.

Branded Swizzels Love Hearts

We love our branded Love Hearts!

We think they’re a winning idea and if you’d like to see a sample, get in touch as we’ve got a few. Hurry though, we don’t think they’ll last long!





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