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Day in the Life of a PA: Charlotte Aston

I start my day with a breakfast seminar in Manchester City Centre at 8.30am a topic on ‘How to feel in command and control in a room.’ I love to go to these PA seminars and represent Make Events, it is a great way to connect with other professionals and I learn so much that I can apply to my working day.

I then drive back to the office and have a call with Holly where we discuss the week ahead and her scheduled meetings. I ask how I can assist with preparations for meetings; whether its reports, presentations or just getting directions together.

Holly and I have a great relationship where I can ask “when is the deadline for this?” or “is it urgent?” I make sure I have enough information as possible so I know what is best to prioritise for Holly and the business. However, if something needs actioning urgently, Holly will call me and I’ll drop everything and deal with the matter at hand.

When I get back to the office I connect with the people I have met at the morning seminar on Linkedin, type up the pearls of wisdom I’ve learnt and share them with the team. I then check through my emails alongside the company’s centralised email account, voicemails and action all accordingly.

As Holly’s PA, the next job at hand is to check the business bank account to see what payments we have received and what I need to follow up that day. Once complete it is time for a meeting with a new prospective client which I go to with Holly. This is a creative pitch to show the client what we are proposing for their event. Holly leads the pitch and I take note of key things the client says so that I can follow up the actions as soon as we get back to the office. During the meeting the client confirmed what they would like from us so on my return to the office I do the necessary supplier paperwork and get the event finalised on Holly’s behalf.

It’s now lunch time where I nip to M&S and grab a salmon with sticky rice salad.

I then head to The Mere where we are planning a Christmas dinner for 20 of our clients and 20 of The Mere’s clients too. This event is to thank our clients and also act as a showcase for Make Events and our plans for 2018. This takes around two hours and then I head back to the office to work on the guest list and planning the logistics of the event.

It is now 4pm and we have an interview with a prospective employee for the Senior Creative Producer role. Myself and Holly attend the interview and debrief afterwards to share our thoughts.

It is now 5.30pm and I have a Manchester PA Networking event at Wood – a great restaurant which has recently opened. I love catching up with all the PA’s as everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The event ends at 9.00pm and I head home and catch up on Bake Off!

Photo: L-R Charlotte Aston, Holly Moore, Chef Aiden Byrne, Laura Jacobs, Helen Ellis and Faye Smallwood.

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