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Day in the Life of Make Events’ MD, Holly Moore

In the week, my alarm goes off at 5am. I have recently disabled the snooze button (thanks to Amanda Hargreaves) and my gym kit is on a chair in my bedroom to go straight on. I go downstairs and the first person I speak to is my little French Bulldog, Elvis. He will be snuggled up in his bed with his tongue sticking out – he brightens my morning!

Then it’s Nespresso time (2 pods) in one of my Starbucks mugs (I collect them in whichever city I go to). I then check any emails that have come in overnight, do a social media check and wake up.

It’s then time for the gym (Pepper Road Fitness) where I pop on my podcast – my favourites are Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins.

What I do varies day to day but it might be a HIIT class with weights, strength class or PT. I’m done within the hour and then get changed, showered and head to the office.

This can be about a 20 minute drive so I call my PA, Charlotte and we catch up on the day ahead. I will have prepared some overnight Protein Oats (oats, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, nuts and berries yum!) which I wolf down in the car. I always have a 1.5 litre bottle of water in the car which I make sure I drink through the day as well as water with my meals or at meetings.

It’s then time for the weekly team meeting at 9AM and I have my next coffee. We go through the previous week’s events – what went well and what didn’t. We go through the current week’s events. Then we talk about where we have been the previous week and share new information about venues with the team. It’s then time to catch up on all our live enquiries and confirmed jobs so we know what each other are doing, we are usually done by 10AM.

My next meeting is with a new prospective client, so I drive into Manchester (the podcast is back on). This is a general catch up to talk about Make Events and also the client’s needs. This meeting lasts about an hour and the client gives us an enquiry to look at. I get back in the car and phone back the enquiry to the team to pick up and look into.

It’s now lunch time, but I don’t have a gap so I have my lunch in the car (a salad). A quick drive to our client’s office in Salford.

I am meeting Heather, Make Events’ Event Producer, there as the client wants to discuss a big event. If we have a live enquiry such as this one, I always take one of the team as my diary is so busy I can bottle neck the process so it’s important someone comes along and is able to work on it straight away. This meeting takes longer as we know them well and have lots to catch up on and also discuss their next event. This finishes at 2:30PM and Heather heads back to the office to look at the brief.

I then head to Hale Country Club which is a good place for supplier and staff meetings as the parking is easy and it’s on the way back from Manchester. I meet with our CRM company for an hour to look at what changes we need to make to it; then I have my monthly catch up with Laura our Venue Finder. We are a bit peckish so we have a cup of tea and a My Protein Brownie (we convince ourselves it’s totally healthy).

It’s now 4:30PM and I haven’t really had a chance to check any emails so I go through my emails very quickly and reply to anything urgent.

It’s now 5.30PM and I have a networking event back in Manchester, the traffic is awful but thank goodness for my podcasts! It’s a Manchester PA Networking event so it’s fab to catch up with all our PA’s, and of course Mel and Amanda. At 9:00PM the event is over so I drive back home.

At 9:45PM when I get in I say hello to my husband and Elvis; I pack my gym bag for the next day, prep my breakfast and lunch. Get in my pyjamas and then go through my emails and refresh myself for the next day.

I then hopefully get an hour on the sofa with my husband and watch something on catch up, I love a good drama! I like to be in bed by 11:30PM latest ready for that 5am alarm the next day.

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